Thursday, August 16, 2012

The GasFRAC Cometh: Proven "Proprietary" Process?? Or Just Another Disaster in the Making! **Update**

As seen on Interstate 20 headed East from Grand Prairie, TX
Sunday, August 12, 2012

Numerous patents/Numerous pending
Proven innovative technology

GASFRAC has developed an innovative closed stimulation process and injection method, utilizing gelled LPG rather than conventional frac fluids.

The LPG used in the closed GASFRAC system is primarily propane, C3H8, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon that is non-damaging to the formation.[emphasis added.]

And the "proprietary" GasFRAC prevents vapour buildup?

GASFRAC's proprietary LPG process is designed for maximum safety. Our pressurized, closed system ensures the process is completely controlled and that the LPG gel maintains its fluid state—with zero exposure to oxygen—preventing vapour build-up.[emphasis added.]

** Update:   Hmmm. Apparently, this blog post landed on a stock market message board!??  We have had more hits on this blog post within the last 24 hours than any of our posts in such a time period, lately.  Too bad.  The stock market crowd only wants to know how GasFRAC is doing. They really don't seem to care about the BIG PICTURE.  And want to tell us how the cow ate the cabbage...rather than how the cows died from drinking the fracking fluid. 

Oh, and to the Anonymous commenter who left such a detailed reprimand for us ~ Thank you.  Unfortunately, it was accidentally deleted by our iPhone. Please post it again, and we'll be sure to post it as long as the condescension is down a notch or two. Thank you, everyone, for reading. And try to think about making your money from businesses that are in business for the good of humanity.  This ain't it. Amen.


  1. So, there's "vapor buildup" when they frack the old-fashioned way? Wow. Admissions of guilt are rampant, lately.

    1. Guilt? Do you understand the difference between water vapour and propane vapour? You don't want a buildup of propane vapour which is highly flammable.

    2. Hello. Yes. Guilt. We will not publish condescending comments, by the way. So, keep that in mind. Thank you.

      So, why even mention the "vapor" (as GasFRAC proudly does on their web site) if there is no harm from any of it? For sure, no one would want a buildup of propane vapor in their neighborhood either, which is, as you mention, "highly flammable."

      Here's an example of vapor steam from a regular FRAC job. Just to review, the "Flowback" created from current FRAC jobs ~ water, chemicals, FRAC sand, the naturally occurring radioactive materials ~ has a steamy vapor. This vapor pours out of the flowback tanks (and has already done so all over the Barnett Shale) and into our neighborhood air. It stinks and it is not simply steam. Damage done.

      Bruder site, Arlington, TX

  2. One thing to keep in mind...fracking with propane could prove an even harder sell than fracking with water ~ especially since these drilling sites are inside our communities, near our schools, homes, day care centers and hospitals.

    But these tanks do look like shiny, new toys, don't they? The shale gas industry continues to look for answers to their man-made disaster. They continue to revise and edit The "Father of Fracking's" pipe dream.

  3. I'm sure the local communities will be pleased to hear that the industry will now frac us with propane gel instead of water. That should make us all feel much more relaxed about the process.

    These big boys on the block sure do get excited about showing off and playing with their new toys. Is the one in this photo the uncircumcised version?

  4. I don't get it. This is as environmentally friendly a process as you will find to extract energy from the ground. Maybe the problem is you don't want to extract ANY energy from the ground, regardless of the method? I wonder how quickly you'd change your tune the next time you fired up your stove and nothing happened. Or your gas bill was up a few hundred %. It's easy to be against things, but what are you for? What is your solution? You can't say "renewables" because that's just not feasible yet. So what is your solution??

  5. "I wonder how quickly you'd change your tune the next time you fired up your stove and nothing happened."

    Just wish more in the industry would offer more creative defenses of fossil fuels. This pat answer seems to be the usual statement and has been for several years, now. Come on. Y'all are better than this. Meanwhile, there is a better perspective and better solutions already in the works.

    Click here to see what many of us are for. We like being FOR something.


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