Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Tremors" (*Updated*)

About the Chesapeake Rocking Horse Drilling Site
Arlington, Texas ~ June 5, 2012
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Click here for the link to the June 5, 2012 City Council Meeting. Then scroll over to 53:27 (53 Minutes, 27 Seconds) for the Rocking Horse Drilling Site Agenda Item Discussion from the community leader about the "tremors."
(*Updated*) See the comments, please.


  1. Only one well has been drilled at this site since 2010. This June 5, 2012 Public Hearing had to do with permitting an additional well. 10 citizens of the Arlington community spoke up in opposition to the additional well. It seems it was and is all about the contract that Chesapeake has with a developer.

    The developer and Chesapeake are in litigation about the FRAC Pond. The developer wants it removed per the terms of the contract stating that the FRAC Pond is temporary and is to be removed when drilling operations are completed. It all comes back up for another public hearing in October.

  2. I heard an interesting comment from an Arlington citizen who attended this meeting that night. What she observed is that our Mayor seemed to have viewed the citizens as nothing but annoying flies to be swatted.

    Actually, that meeting was a pivotal point and a victory for the citizens of Arlington. So many people came out that night and spoke out in perfect unison. Hopefully, as more people become educated about the downside of gas drilling in suburban communities, public involvment with this issue will increase.

  3. Ditto on the tremors. We were feeling them too just about two or three miles down the road from where that speaker lives. Oh, and homeowners insurance doesn't cover ground movement or foundation damage. Better put that royalty check aside for necessary repairs.

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    1. Needs to be played on a a PC or MAC. No iPhone. Sorry about that.

  5. Okay. I finally got it to play. Tremors come with drilling. See: Seismicity in the Oil Field by Schlumberger.

  6. Wow. It is a report we hadn't seen before. And it's not new. So, it begs the larger question, doesn't it?:

    Were the thousands of homeowners in Arlington (like the well-known community leader in this video) told that this might happen? Did the industry alert any of the landowners in the Barnett Shale to the fact that these future tremors would occur as part of their leasing contracts?

    Click here to read about Seismicity in the Oil Field by Schlumberger

  7. I have linked to this study often, referenced it in news articles and distributed it widely through email. It seems people do not slow down long enough to read.

  8. Fracking seems to have pushed earthquakes off the top of the list...when really, it is one of the most obvious issues that creates immediate impact. We learned about a fault line in south Grand Prairie near a drilling site as a result of the Barnes Assembly Rule 37 Hearing. These Rule 37 transcripts have loads of information in them about activities in the Barnett Shale. They too, require slowing down long enough to read them.


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