Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Big Thank You! from TX HD105 Rep Linda Harper-Brown

i love this country. the republic of Texas. i want to end all welfare. if you can afford 200 dollar nikes you can pay for you watermelon. ~ katy, texas

Careful the Things you Say
Children Will Listen

Education Forum Tonight in Grand Prairie, Texas featuring the candidates for TX House District Representative 105 ~ Mrs. Linda Harper-Brown and Dr. Rosemary Robbins. Y'all Come. Click Here for the particulars. 

It's  A Bonafide Crisis here in Texas ~ In case you haven't heard.(Maybe someone will remind the current HD105 Rep, Mrs. Linda Harper-Brown of that FACT, tonight.)


  1. It appears to this Westchester Neighbor that in an effort to acquire as many "Followers" on Twitter as possible, Mrs. Linda Harper-Brown has Epically Failed to carefully consider who she will allow to "Follow" her. And has even "Praised" one with a highly offensive and racist profile.

    In the example highlighted in this blog post, it's clear that this individual would be blocked by most users. We are learning that Mrs. Harper-Brown has a pattern of denying she has done anything wrong. We will simply continue to pay attention and see what else she has in store. AMEN. Pray.For.Us.

  2. It was a rather orderly event, tonight. We were surprised that Mrs. Harper-Brown was 10 minutes late and when she finally entered the school's auditorium she was quiet and somewhat subdued.

    We were also somewhat surprised that she arrived alone and there didn't seem to be anyone from the Irving Republican Party there, either. Maybe they just don't travel south into central Grand Prairie. Or think they have to.

    Democratic candidate Dr. Rosemary Robbins (also from Irving, TX) pointed out that the new Redistricting was very unfair to Grand Prairie. We wrote about that back in 2011 on the WCGasette. The current configuration for House District 105 is shaped like a sea turtle and was clearly drawn for the advantage of Mrs. Harper-Brown. So she should have been feeling good, tonight.

    At times Mrs. H-Brown became irritated and made sure to correct members of our Grand Prairie community who asked her about the 5.4 Billion dollars withheld from the public schools so often quoted in the press. She claims those numbers are wrong. It was only in the 2 Billion range. We're looking for that "Lick of Proof"...but can't find it, yet. Stay tuned.

  3. Apologies. We meant to say that Dr. Rosemary Robbins mentioned tonight that HD105 is shaped like a seahorse, not a sea turtle. She's right.

    Like this:



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