Tuesday, October 02, 2012

TX House District 105 Candidate Linda Harper-Brown Rudely Dismisses Democrats AND Republicans in Her OWN District

Twitter Update from Linda Harper-Brown Campaign

WOW! Looks like Mrs. Linda Harper-Brown has the SAME problem with representing only HER people as presidential candidate Mitt Romney has with only caring for HIS people! 

It's a terrible trend in politics. And really leaves a very BAD TASTE in our mouth.


P.S.  In case you missed it...this is the same Mrs. Linda Harper-Brown who simply loves our Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman! We wonder about his ability to separate "regulation from politics" based on his Facebook page. It's one big biased political firestorm over there!!

And here's a sampling of Mrs. Harper-Brown's people who must feel the same way she does  since they're all members in good standing of the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute (TXCCRI).  We have to wonder about their research. 

Mrs. Linda Harper-Brown reminds us that Grand Prairie, TX business owners are "nice people" in her tweet.  Well, yes. We agree.  

But truly, Mrs. Linda Harper-Brown, you really do need to apologize to all the Democrats AND Republicans in Grand Prairie, TX who also happen to be business owners since you clearly don't give one twit tweet about any of them!!


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  1. By the way, one of the "policy statements" of the TXCCRI (currently headed up by Texas House District 105 Mrs. Harper-Brown) is that they are betting that "Jesus would love Wal-Mart's low, low prices."

    Here ya go.

    We find it absurd that TXCCRI would "bet" that Jesus would endorse Wal-Mart. Based on the rest of their espoused Christian "conservative" values, we're shocked they would "bet" at all.


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