Monday, October 15, 2012

TX House Rep Linda Harper-Brown Has a Party!

So, who would throw this Fancy Fundraising Party for 
Mrs. H-Brown?

As you can see, her Tweet only gives last names of other current Republican House Reps in North TX, an Unnamed Longhorn that was Alive and "Over 200 Unnamed People." 

We hear from our friends in Irving, TX that Mrs. H-Brown loves nice things! Even if it's been questionable as to how she acquires them!

Apparently, from all accounts, the "Fancy Fundraising Party" was Friday from 1~3 PM at the Mansion on Turtle Creek!   Awesome!!  We had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for our lunch Friday!  It was Delish!

Anywho, we're just getting to know Mrs. H-Brown, but we also hear she simply Adores Luxury Cars, too, like this one:  

Click here to see a listing from an Events Calendar for the Big Fundraiser at the  magnificent Mansion! Looks like the Texas Civil Justice League was involved?

Wow!  This party makes us wonder since it was so far away from the suburbs of Grand Prairie and Irving and TX House District 105 voters!  And then there's this April 20, 2012 News Update ~ we wonder if the Texas Civil Justice League knows??!

Unnamed Texas Longhorn (Alive)


  1. Just a reminder: Mrs. Harper-Brown hosted an Energy Forum in Irving,TX featuring our Texas Railroad Commission Chairman, Barry Smitherman this summer ~ on July 19, 2012.

    We weren't on the guest list.

  2. I like nice things too, but my family is driving around in a twenty-year old vehicle. That's how some of us peasants live. It must be nice to have friends in high places who give out luxurious gifts. Wonder how many people this Linda Harper-Brown owes favors too?

    Seems to me the candidate to vote for would be Rosemary Robbins. She is a woman who seems to understand the issues that real people face.


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