Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! *UPDATE*

Delicious Anti-freeze
2860 West Camp Wisdom Road
Grand Prairie, Texas
November 18, 2012

Yummy Drilling Mud 
Next to Church & Soccer Field
at 2860 West Camp Wisdom Road
~ And for Dessert ~
A Tasty UNodorized Gas Gathering 
(or Transmission) Pipeline!
(Early November 2012.  This gas pipeline is being prepped for burial beneath Oncor Power Line Easement running through the middle of  one of our local suburban neighborhoods. The description of the plans for these pipelines mention gas gathering 
And/Or TRANSMISSION pipelines.

 More Turkey, Please!!

Whoops!!  Forgot the Gravy
The cranberries are in there, too!

♥♥ Bon App├ętit!! ♥♥


  1. We are wondering if that house that was listed with Ebby Halliday sold yet? How does this all work? It is UNodorized gas. Gas pipelines leak and sometimes explode. Will DFW Midstream shove that pipe in the ground to get it out of sight and out of mind? Check out this list of 21st century pipeline accidents: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pipeline_accidents_in_the_United_States_in_the_21st_Century

    1. #291 on the list refers to a 10" Bradshaw line which shot flames 100 feet in the air and burned 10 acres of grassland. Aren't Grand Prairie's lines 16"?

    2. Thank you. Yes. That gas gathering pipeline will go into the ground if it hasn't already. It will still be very close to these homes in this South Grand Prairie, TX neighborhood. In our opinion ~ way too close.

      And thank you for the link to 21st Century Pipeline Accidents. It's overwhelming.

      Pipeline Accidents in the 21st Century

      #291 on the list should concern all of us in light of this gathering system shown in neighborhoods in South Grand Prairie, TX.

    3. Here's an excerpt from the story about the gathering line explosion just a couple of months ago near Alice, TX:

      Copano Energy's 10-inch Bradshaw line, which services Jim Wells County, caught fire around 15:00 on Thursday afternoon just north of Alice, Texas, spokesman Craig Brown said.

      Local reports described flames shooting 100 feet into the air and a nearby traffic jam caused by concerned onlookers.


      ...About 10 acres of nearby grassland caught fire but fire officials extinguished those flames by Thursday evening, he said.

      The pipeline was still burning on Friday morning...

      And Yes. The specifications we've seen for these friendly "neighborhood" gas gathering pipelines show them to be 16". Seems that would create a much bigger "fire" potential than that one recently near Alice.

      Here's a link to an earlier story with information about the deal made with DFW Midstream with the City of Grand Prairie, TX:

      The Lump Sum

  2. Peter Gorman, Ft Worth Weekly is doing a story on pipelines...be on the lookout for his next piece.

    1. @Anonymous: We will certainly be on the lookout and try to catch it if we can. Meanwhile, we've got a mess to clean up over here.


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