Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Madness in North Texas (December 2012) *UPDATES*

Saturday Afternoon in the North TX Burbs

This is the Construction Area for the Camp Wisdom Road Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Site
 (also known as Pipeline Boring)
(No City or State Regulations for Signage, Fencing or Inspections)
The Construction Manager told us that this is a 40-45 Deep Hole under that broken wood. 

This is all for the Installation of the Gas Gathering and 
Transmission Pipeline Systems
in SW Grand Prairie and SE Arlington, TX.

All of it within a Few Feet of Our Suburban Neighborhoods and NEW $200,000 Homes.

*UPDATE: For the Curious In the Audience* 
 During the week, Boots Smith Oilfield Services is doing this.  All of it under our streets & neighborhoods! 

Oh, in case you missed it, here's the Recent Industry Pornography  Obscenity
on Display in Fort Worth, TX and we hear it was/is up on the Dallas North Tollway, too. 
Downtown Fort Worth, Texas (November 2012)

As that Famous Philosopher Yogi Berra Often Said:
"It Ain't Over Til It's Over."

**UPDATE**:  After a COMPLAINT was filed with the RRC, a meeting was scheduled and completed with the pipeline company and the RRC Inspector on December 3, 2012.  A flimsy fence was then erected by the next morning. (Note:  The site was still wide open to anyone or anything from the back side.) Of course, this fence was not a requirement. It was only done to show us that they were being good neighbors.  So much for "REGULATION." Yee Haw. Oh, and our city's response? They considered it no different than sewer line boring. And after showing them our unbelievable pictures during a City Council Meeting, they did nothing. That's right. NOTHING. Happy New Year.


  1. It seems the industry does their best work between Thanksgiving and the New Year. We've observed this pattern for several years. The industry conducts their heaviest activity while State and City regulators are off celebrating the festivities of the holiday season. You see, it works out just fine for them this way.

  2. Does anyone else find it unbelievable that no one is responsible for ensuring that a 45-foot pit filled with gross drilling sludge is kept sealed off in the heart of city limits??? Someone could fall in there and die. One would hope that the contractor would do the right thing, but this just goes to show that if they are not mandated by law to do it safely, they won't. Welcome to the wild, wild west folks.

    By the way, aren't these the same contractors who almost killed that Grand Prairie family with a flying pig in 2010?

    1. Yes. We have been told that this is the same contractor.

      That news should make ALL of us very afraid. And VERY angry, too. :=(


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