Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh, Seismicity. Wherefore Art Thou?

3.0 Irving, TX Earthquake January 22, 2013
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Many Gas Well Pad Sites Surrounding DFW Airport showing Multiple Horizontal Wellbores Per Padsite
(Railroad Commission of Texas GIS Maps)

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"In some areas, seismic activity, better known as earthquakes, can occur as a result of oil and gas production. In this article, we review the modern history of human-induced seismic activity, and present the findings of a recent project to monitor injection- and production-related seismicity. Scientists in Russia, in a cooperative project with Schlumberger, are analyzing the seismic energy recorded during these events to extract information about the reservoir, to more fully characterize the state of stress in the field and to optimize the recovery of reserves."

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  1. Hmmm… Last night a speaker at the Arlington, TX City Council meeting was trying to tell the council members that numerous residents in southeast Arlington are feeling vibrations. Of course, one of the city councilmen tried to make her look foolish, and despite the warnings, Chesapeake gets their way again. We are pretty sure these ten drill sites in that two mile radius have something to do with making the earth move.

  2. And still . . . there are those who deny any correlation whatsoever between fracking and increased seismic activity. Incredible.

  3. So important to share the connections between drilling and earthquakes so that more people are aware of the risks. Thank you for posting this here!


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