Thursday, April 04, 2013

"This Gas Is So Clean...It Goes Directly to the Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant in Dallas." ~ Tom Blanton, Trinity East **UPDATE**

Irving, TX City Council. Thank you.

**UPDATE** December 13, 2015 ~ In light of the Irving/Dallas Quakeswarm that began to kick in by 2014 on the "eastern" border of Irving, go to 48:56 to hear the beginning of the discussion about the "Monstrous" Fault on the "western" edge of Irving, Texas. Watch the entire video to hear some amazing information from an O&G industry executive asked to fill in many blanks for a North Texas City Council.

Go to 8:00 to Hear the Dr. Pepper Declaration from Tom Blanton of Trinity East/EXPRO Engineering/Keystone Exploration. Listen to ALL of this Irving, TX City Council Meeting Briefing 2 weeks ago ~ if you can. It may open your eyes to some gas-industry spin that has successfully managed to "git er done" all across North Texas.  We note how Mr. Blanton refers to "The Luna Site," [sic] as if it's already been approved by the City of Dallas. 

(The day after this March 20, 2013 meeting, the Dallas City Plan Commission voted down the 3 Permits once again. 8-7; 9-6; and 9-6.  The Dallas City Council will now need to have 12 votes out of 15 to approve these permits. That vote has NOT been scheduled at this time.)

This was by far some of the best questioning of the industry we've heard by a City Council in the Barnett Shale ~ and all of it in broad daylight!

Note: Mr. Blanton refers to a "Perfect Seal" at around 20 Minutes. And how there is "no way that a fresh water zone could have been contaminated by a production casing failure."  Oh, and at 22 minutes be sure to hear Mr. Blanton tell Councilman Gallaway how many wells Trinity East has drilled IN TOTAL. Be amazed. It's all quite revealing. 

According to Mr. Blanton, Trinity East wants to drill and frack 60 shale gas wells on 3 Sites at the borderline of Irving and Dallas in Dallas City Limits. This includes construction of a Processing Plant and/or a Refinery 1/2 mile from North Hills Prep in Irving and at the Northwest Entryway to the City of Dallas.

In Summary:  Trinity East has drilled a total of 12 wells in the Barnett Shale and 100 wells in Texas.  Two (2) wells were drilled at the border of Irving and Dallas by Trinity East in 2008 and 2009, respectively.  The Dallas Lease's well FAILED. Trinity East now wants approval (from Dallas) to drill up to 60 wells (in the Trinity floodplain) after having that production casing FAILURE (during fracking) at 3400 Tom Braniff in 2009.

See this previous Westchester Gasette blog post about the Trinity East "FRAC Job" casing failure.


  1. Since all of our area Ft. Worth/Dallas cities received "bonus money" and other forms of payment for leasing city property, we wonder how much money Irving, TX was paid? And if no money is showing on record, why the heck not?

  2. I am a Tarrant county resident. We are NOT okay with what has happened here. Perhaps the fat cats and biased stuffed suits are happy with the way the fracking has gone, but I assure you the people who live here, raise there children here, work here and breath here are NOT. Once they begin drilling, all the rules change and what you are left with is a town that isn't fit to live in. Read the fine print on whatever they want you to sign. They have a million ways to get out of the promises they are spewing.

    1. We have learned from what happened to our West years before it came to our Westchester neighborhoods.

      It's all a nightmare, isn't it? Sad to hear this industry saying just about anything to gain approval for what they want. We have seen those "rules" change as well. None of it's good for our communities. The money seems like a good thing at first. But it's just an illusion that will fade away along with our quality of life.

      Thank you for your comment.


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