Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Perforating the Horizontal Wellbore: The Documentary

"...ballistics systems that help optimize the value of oil and gas assets."

Our Grand Prairie, TX Gas Drilling Ordinance doesn't appear to address this issue. Since it hasn't been updated since January 18, 2011, we think it's about time for a revision. How many of these PERF Jobs have been conducted already near our communities? Dare we ask? 

Here's what a PERF Gun contains (Be sure to scroll down through ALL 11 pages of our SCRIBD document.)  There are too many skulls and crossbones, in our opinion:

Also, click here to read the story and the comments on Bluedaze, today. 

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  1. How interesting is it that the City of Grand Prairie ~ and as far as we can tell ~ the City of Arlington makes no mention of perforating or perf guns in their gas drilling ordinance. Could it be because the industry never told anyone about that part of the process?

    Wow ~ explosives in the neighborhoods!! The information contained in that material safety data sheet is very alarming, particularly the part about birth defects and infertility. There are way too many skulls and crossbones in our midst.


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