Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going, Going, GONE!!

Southeast Arlington, TX:    Here are just a couple of pictures showing the Fulson/West Wing drilling site and the big water hose still attached to the fire hydrant (as of Friday, August 26, 2011):

Seems the City Of Arlington** would "require" Chesapeake to "unhook" the water hose from the fire hydrant, remove the meter and tidy things up since (as of August 16, 2011) city officials said there are no current drilling activities at this controversial, neighborhood drilling site!?**
**Home Rule.

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  1. I feel like disconnecting my drain from my showers and kitchen sink to a holding tank to water my yard rather than let the city recycle it. I scrub more and hardly use any soap to begin with so why allow the city to have back the water I paid for only for them to charge me for it again. Let it be recycled in MY yard!


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