Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Water Mafia Strikes Again!!

It's a Lollapalooza!!
FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) August 23, 2011 - While many North Texans are being asked to conserve water during a statewide drought, three large pipelines are pulling millions of gallons of water out of the Trinity River in Fort Worth, near West Seventh Street.

The pipelines cross over several roads and trails in Trinity River Park. They were put into place just days before water restrictions are expected to shut off sprinklers in Fort Worth, leaving lawns to dry out.

“They’re just like big straws,” explained nearby resident Don Young, who has seen these pipelines before. “They just suck water from the river or lake or wherever.”

Where are the pipelines taking the water? Follow them past raised sidewalk sections and roadway crossings and you will end up at a natural gas well located just outside of Trinity River Park, operated by Chesapeake Energy.
  And It's Growing the Franchise.

Thank you, Don Young, of  Fort Worth Can Do...
for Your Efforts From the Beginning. 

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