Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Railroad Commission of Texas: Sheer Torture *Updated**

Some things provide a constant source of torture/frustration to those of us trying to understand why our State of Texas is so deaf, dumb, and blind blonde to the realities of shale gas drilling and fracking.

 Elizabeth Ames Jones, Chairman, Railroad Commission of Texas

We almost missed this story last week. No vote on the Fracking Disclosure Bill.  Goodness. What's the hurry, anyway?  Not to be overly pessimistic, but it's truly not what it claims to be. Even Elizabeth Ames Jones knows that.

We were so focused on our very own Decision on the Barnes Assembly A Well 3H Rule 37 Exception. Of course, the Railroad Commission wouldn't delay that decision. No way. They ruled swiftly and quickly in favor of Chesapeake after a little back and forth about the Complaint/Motion for Rehearing that was filed by the protesters.  *(They called it a "Premature Filing" if you listen to their very brief discussion. Some "local" governing boards would have likely "tabled" this Decision, by the way.)

Here's the Link to the Agenda for last week's meeting. We're Item #3. Here is the 3-Minute Discussion/Decision for Item #3. You'll need RealPlayer to view the video here.)

Update: And if you are so inclined, here's the entire 32-Minute Open Conference Meeting video here.

The video of the entire meeting is well worth watching to see how the RRC really does work in a vacuum. We had been told numerous times that no one would be allowed to speak to the Proposal for Decision. Or speak at all. But then Ms. Jones says something about there being no citizens there to speak to the Commissioners. Well, we certainly would have come if we had known we could talk to you! Maybe next time.

Because, truly, Ms. Jones, we're very LUCKY. We've learned a lot over the past year and during this ordeal ~ more than anyone should ever have to know about our state's Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency. But now we know. And now we can't NOT know.

The Barnes Assembly A Well 3H Rule 37 Hearing was February 1, 2011. The transcript tells the story of citizens up against the senior team of Chesapeake attorneys who live in or near Austin and didn't have to travel through a blizzard to get there.

Nope, the big, strong and powerful Chesapeake attorneys simply got up that Tuesday morning, had a nice breakfast, easily drove into Austin or were already in town. Realized members of our community were somehow at the hearing. Whoops! Had to call in a transcriber. Do a quick review of the case.  And then proceeded to cross-examine our tired and weary neighbors as if they were on trial for crimes against the state. Maybe Chesapeake believes it IS a treasonous crime to NOT SIGN a lease with them. Maybe.

Did we say it was torture?  Sheer torture.
Funny. They do look alike. Very cute.

By the way...

Elizabeth Ames Jones's entire family
is in the oil and gas business!! Her father is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and her husband is the Director of Venus Exploration

It's literally all in the family. 

How nice that Ms. Jones is in charge of REGULATION of the oil and gas industry for ALL of Texas.

What a deal for the oil and gas industry.  

How lucky can THEY get??!!

WOW! Bless Their Hearts!!

**Updated** ~ We guess she couldn't stand the heat? Time to go home to San Antonio where she faces a battle with her own party.

Click here to read all about Mrs. Jones' recent political decision. The Westchester Gasette will miss her. Honestly, we will. :-)


  1. AND Jones' family is enmeshed with Range Resources so she should have recused herself from ruling on the Range contamination case in Parker County. But, a move like that would have exhibited some ethics and she doesn't have any.

  2. Well, no wonder there was so MUCH push back from that fracking mess last year! Wow. These people really do think they rule the world.


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