Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grand Prairie, TX City Council: "We're Adjourned!"

The vote that had been tabled during the November 15, 2011 City Council meeting was back on the agenda last evening. See these blog posts about the non-odorized gas gathering pipelines here, here, here, and here. Oh, and here, too.

When Agenda Item #33 came up, the Speaker Cards were read aloud. Then, one at a time, the 3 speakers speaking in "Opposition" were called to the microphone.  Staff spoke in support.  (There were no visual aides on the screens as in all other presentations that evening.) This was noted by one of the speakers. The Mayor then asked that the Map go up on the screen! No one from Chesapeake or their pipeline-affiliated company, D/FW Midstream, were present.  When the last of the 3 speakers finished, Mayor England then called for a Motion for Approval. 

What followed was weird. But this kind of "weird" is "Just Fine." Councilwoman Jackson announced that there were Boy Scouts in the Council Chamber and she introduced their leader who promptly stood up and  spoke briefly about the Scouts.  Then Mayor England thanked the Boy Scouts and mentioned the Motion, again. "Well, what about that Motion"? A very, very brief silence and then Councilwoman Jackson announced a A Motion for Adjournment! Made. And Seconded. That's all folks. No Citizen Comments, tonight. Go Home!! 

WOW! No non-odorized, gas gathering pipelines  (brought to us by Chesapeake's D/FW Midstream) for Westchester ~ at least this week.

Oh, and it looks as if PG&E is going to pay out lots of money for the devastating San Bruno, California gas pipeline explosion just 1 year ago.  Clearly, an explosion like this could devastate Westchester neighborhoods and any of our surrounding neighborhoods. These non-odorized gas gathering (sales) pipelines have already gone in all over Grand Prairie, Texas. 

Here's a picture of the September 10, 2010 San Bruno, California explosion:

The September 9, 2010, explosion blasted a 72-foot by 26-foot crater and destroyed 38 homes in San Bruno, near San Francisco International Airport. A 28-foot segment of the pipe was found about 100 feet from the crater. Scorched homes and the shells of burned-out cars lined charred streets, where firefighters battled hot spots trying to save the devastated neighborhood.

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