Monday, December 12, 2011

"It Looks Fine to Me."

Apparently, the City of Grand Prairie, TX checked with USACE and everything "looks fine" for hooking up the gathering pipeline system to get that shale gas to China or unnamed foreign countries.

Remember the USACE rep who thought everything looked "fine," too back in the summer?  We've just never figured out who that was for sure.

We're very proud to know that South Grand Prairie's Corn Valley site will be providing shale gas to foreign countries.

We still hope and pray that the dam won't be compromised. Because really, that's all we've got at this point. The money is so "fine." The Joe Pool Lake Dam is one fine cash cow for our City and for a church with the ever-changing name, a school system willing to risk the health of the children and a state in need of a new legislature and a new governor. {{sheer frustration}}

So, in light of all of this, here are the Agenda Details for the upcoming Grand Prairie, TX City Council Meeting, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at the Temporary Location at the GPISD Administration Building at 2602 South Beltline Road in south Grand Prairie beginning at 6:30 PM. Y'all come.

Click the File Number 11-4440 to read the actual details at the above link.
"At the previous City Council meeting, a request for clarification was made to ensure the US Army Corps of Engineers did not intend to include gas pipelines in the request for a moratorium.

The City received information from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Fort Worth District regarding the impacts associated with this line. Based on the technical information provided, the Corps of Engineers review team determined that the proposed action would have minimal potential for direct impact to Joe Pool Dam and their Dam Safety Officer concurred. As such, USACE has no objection with allowing the installation of the pipeline."

As such???  So, the City Staff called the Corps. Who did they talk to? This certainly doesn't give a lot of "detail" for us to know any of that. Maybe they think we're not "interested." 

Well, hello, City Staff and City Council, we're Very Interested. This just won't do for an explanation in light of the recent Moratorium and in light of what the new United States Army Corps of Engineers Southwest District Policy states about their concerns. Maybe you haven't read it??

Somehow, we find it very hard to believe that USACE would not show up to speak to this issue of pipeline construction near a federal dam.  We hope they will.  Good Lord.  Colonel Muraski even told us it could be catastrophic!!

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  1. If only our city councils would follow wise recommendations rather than the money. And what about the South Arlington residents who border the Grand Prairie Line? Guess we all need really good life preservers.


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