Monday, April 23, 2012

Laura Bush Launches "Taking Care of Texas"

From all appearances, Mrs. Bush is Fired Up! and Ready to Take Care of our Texas Land! And not a moment too soon!!

Upon further inspection, we certainly don't see anything on the new "Taking Care of Texas" web site that speaks to taking care of shale gas drilling and fracking.

Maybe a nice tour of the old Barnett Shale will provide additional inspiration for Mrs. Bush as she prepares for her 2013 Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Taking Care of Texas will highlight exemplary conservation practices and projects at its 2013 conference in Fort Worth, Texas. This will expand and build support and partnership for current efforts and catalyze new efforts that will take care of our state’s land, water, wildlife, and communities. Business leaders, land managers, conservation groups, educators, and other interested citizens will attend the conference. [emphasis added.]

Oh, "Taking Care of Texas" says they Can Do Conservation! Wow. Where have we heard that before? We here at the Westchester Gasette certainly know about Fort Worth Can Do ~ which stands for Fort Worth Citizens Against Neighborhood Drilling Ordinance.

We wish "All the Best" for Mrs. Bush's new project. We hope her project will take a real good look at "conserving" the Mountain Creek area of Southwest Dallas, too. We're concerned that someone she knows has his sites sights set on it. And it doesn't appear to be a conservation effort, either.

Here's the kind of FRAC Job we can expect out in the Mountain Creek area on some of our beautiful Texas land:

And then there's this fracking disaster not far from Dallas:

Of course, now we know,"It Ain't Just Steam." in southeast Arlington, Texas.

Take care, y'all.

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