Monday, May 28, 2012

Imminent and Substantial Endangerment in Parker County, TX

**UPDATE** Dateline: May 29, 2012 ~ Parker County, TX.   Click here to see the results. The judge who ruled that a blogger must turn over her e-mails to the court even though she's not a party to the lawsuit...that one. Click Here.

Governor Rick Perry appointed Trey Loftin to this District Judge post in January 2011 ~ not 2010 as this WFAA News story states.

Based on what we've seen in an Open Records Request (received by a citizen in Parker County) Judge Loftin was "vetted" thoroughly for his Republican Party credentials.  Even receiving some criticism from the State Republican Executive Committeewoman for not being involved with the party, enough.

 Note how Ms. Peden says that "the last appointed judge Don Chrestman, whose place Trey will be taking, had no Republican affiliation and was in law practice with known Democrats."

Oh, my.  The timing of Judge Loftin's appointment by Governor Rick Perry (January 2011) and the EPA vs. Range Resources case coming to the courts during that same time period...well, what's a good Texan to think?  

Remember those 3 things that Rick Perry wanted to get rid of?

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