Sunday, September 08, 2013

APPLAUSE!! Happy 3rd Anniversary to the Westchester Gasette.

We launched the Westchester Gasette blog on September 8, 2010. It's been a very wild and often strange ride.

Click here to see our very first blog post exactly 3 years ago today.

It's simply a video about land farming elsewhere in North Texas created by Texas Sharon.  It features a very nice, soothing song. 

Thank you for joining us for this journey into gasland over these past 3 years. There's lots of water under that bridge.

Or rather (thankfully) lots of water remaining behind the Joe Pool Lake Dam.


  1. Special thanks to Raymond Crawford, Chris Koss, Rosemary Reed and Sharon Wilson.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We are grateful for all the hard work you've done to educate our communities about this important issue and look forward to future posts. Thank you for your help in launching our community blog. Couldn't have done it without your inspiration and support!

    1. Thank you so much Fish Creek Neighbor. That means a lot. Sometimes stories from the Trinity River Watershed are darn overwhelming. She's a river that has always deserved so much more respect! Glad we are on her side with all of this. She must be proud. :-)

  3. I do not think I ever mentioned that the first moratorium on September 6, 2010 was the best birthday pressent ever for me. This birthday present in 2010 has been extented yet another year until October 1, 2014!

    The Westchester Gasette can celebrate two birthdays. The moratorium we worked so hard to get in Grand Prairie and our blog to keep citizens informed on gas drilling issues in and around our community in Westchester and in Grand Prairie.

  4. That was a wonderful birthday!! The first Moratorium was actually in 2011 but 2010 is close enough. The plugging of the well must be the best present for everyone on Donnie Lane and all of Westchester. We just pray that the recent zoning change to "residential" won't come back to haunt the city. New homes are definitely NOT the way forward for this damaged land. This Westchester Neighbor believes this decision is based on reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with what's best for the health and happiness of future homeowners. There are too many stories like this in the Barnett Shale. Amen.


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