Thursday, May 08, 2014

Voilà!! Let's Just Cover it Up with NEW Homes!! *UPDATE*

Developing Story...(*Updated*)
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Just to follow-up on this story, the City Council Public Hearing on this "Zoning Change" from Retail (yes, a gas drilling site was zoned as "Retail" when any amount of common sense says it should have been "Zoned" as "Industrial") was conducted on April 15, 2014 and ended with a VOTE to Table. 

The SECOND Public Hearing on this Zoning Change will occur tonight, May 20th, 2014, 6:30 PM at Grand Prairie, TX City Hall.

Here's the Agenda for Tonight's Meeting (See Item 37 on Page 9 of the Agenda Below):

A Public Meeting was conducted on May 8th at the Betty Warmack Library on Bardin Road. 

We learned from that meeting:
  • NO Soil or Groundwater Testing will be conducted for this land that was used for shale gas mining operations beginning in 2010.  "City staff" told us that the city would have to pay $60,000 for that and, of course, that's too much!!  
  •  In addition, we were told at that meeting that Disclosure will NOT be required for any developer who builds new "Homes" or "Anything" on this damaged land.


It's not over, 'til it's over.  AND Just to make it perfectly clear, the Westchester Gasette is your source for reporting Barnett Shale bizarro, irresponsible and potentially deadly decision-making by North Texas city leaders and their city managers.


*UPDATE*:  We now believe Corn Valley Well 1H was perfed and fracked beginning somewhere around January 27, 2011.  (RRC records refer to it as an "unperfed" completion since not all leases were obtained.)  Due to a death in our Westchester family and extremely cold weather conditions, attention was elsewhere and so no pictures were obtained during the time frame for this FRAC job. But we are assured that this well was completed even though the Kilgore District Office of the Railroad Commission of Texas has no record of it due to no rules/requirements for Completion (Perfing/Fracking) paperwork in place at that time. (Westchester Neighbor. June 15, 2015)


  1. Doesn't a church own that land? Aren't there scriptures that speak about covering up sin?

    Instead of covering it up with homes, why not erect statues of Aubrey McClendon and Dick Cheney lest our children's children forget our shale misery.

    1. Yes, apparently the land was purchased by a church called Westchester Community Church several years ago. But then they didn't build on the land due to their inability to adhere to the Westchester community's building standards at that time. Then they leased the surface land to Chesapeake for gas drilling. And then the Gates of He** opened up around 2010. It's been a long slog and not over, yet.

  2. If you will notice, we have struck through "perfed and "fracked" in the above google map (with added labels) for the Corn Valley Drilling Site. The RRC in Kilgore told us they couldn't be 100% certain because prior to February 1, 2012 (the Fracking Disclosure Law passed in the 2011 Texas legislative session), there were no requirements for the operators to provide fracking dates to our state's regulatory agency.

    There are no tanks or separators or any other infrastructure on the pad site. The well was flared in early March 2011 for several days. There was never a sales (gas gathering) pipeline. The City of Grand Prairie tells us they believe Well 1H was perfed and fracked. So, if that's the case, then we will need to correct the above map. When the state doesn't even know if a well was fracked, then that alone defines the issue for shale gas development in North Texas. Little is known although many see themselves as expert on the topic ~ particularly our cities.


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