Monday, March 05, 2012

The Children's Doctor Who Just Found Out

Arlington, TX City Council Meeting, February 21, 2012 Get Microsoft Silverlight
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"The Letter" the Doctors Wrote (Signed by 3 M.D.s)**

A Larger View of "The Letter"**

Hopefully, sanity will prevail in Arlington, TX this Tuesday night. 

Of course, others have a vested interest. And possibly, less interest in the work of doctors striving to help children. We'll leave that for you to decide.


  1. Perhaps some of the members on the Arlington City Council should schedule an appointment for a session with one of these psychiatrists. They remind me of a dysfunctional family.

  2. Industry should be required to PROVE in advance that its actions are absolutely SAFE before receiving approval to proceed. The reality has become that in this current profit-driven society, the burden of proof for something to be determined to be 'unsafe' apparently falls upon the citizens who stand to be impacted by the actions and processes of the profit-maker. This is completely askew and inappropriate.

  3. Things aren't going well at the Overcoming Faith Drill Site. We hope the children are o.k.

    Incident Report of Violation at Overcoming Faith Drill Site 8-27-2013


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